"John’s contribution to the wider English subject area has been extensive. Students across the college continue to speak highly of his lively classes, and ability to ignite a lasting interest in the subject. He is a passionate teacher of English who enthuses the students with his energetic and erudite approach. His buoyant delivery and thorough subject knowledge inspire and encourage student engagement and active enjoyment…

...John has been an integral member of the B Ed (TESL) Malaysian and University of Otago Twinning Programme pastoral care and teaching team since 2009. He has been involved in many areas of the programme and has brought considerable skill to each role. Always a considerate and empathetic advocate for students, John’s leadership as a cohort co-ordinator has been exemplary. He has developed a fine rapport with the students, and has won their trust and respect. He is a talented and perceptive practitioner who has high expectations of the development of students as responsible, intelligent, reflective teachers – his contribution to the practicum framework for the participating ITEs in Malaysia has ensured that the students will have opportunity to interrogate their practice in positive ways, supported by a strong, collegial mentoring system."

Professor Helen May


"John is a highly principled individual who thinks deeply about educational issues and can be relied on to act with integrity and confidentiality. He develops constructive professional relationships with a wide range of people and as a result consistently achieves positive outcomes using a collaborative approach. His interactions are characterised by willingness to; see a range of points of view, to lead and to take direction."

Clare Church, Literacy Consultant, Editure Ltd, New York


"One of the best things about John’s mentoring is how flexible and accommodating he is, without compromising on being professional and focused.

John is a compassionate, understanding and unbiased listener who is able to create a “safe space” for open and unapologetic discussions. He is also a capable and effective leader, largely though not solely, due to his ability to earn trust and respect

Furthermore, he succeeds as a mentor because he is able to accurately identify areas for improvement in his mentee. Weaknesses (as there must be) are elucidated with thoughtfulness and care. He is direct and deliberate, without being pompous or insensitive.

John has been careful from the start to establish professional boundaries. Within these boundaries, he has sustained a warm and supportive professional relationship. Anyone who is looking to develop professionally or even personally would be very fortunate to have John Taylor as a mentor"

Jessica Lim Su Yee, Junior Lecturer, IPGK Batu Lintang, Kuching, Malaysia