my approach

My approach is to discuss your needs with you. My initial session with you is free. This session may take the form of a reflective dialogue and such conversations may constitute the basis of an ongoing professional relationship.

Then; following analysis of the situation and/or data available, and acknowledging existing knowledge and expertise, I would seek to co-construct and facilitate an action plan alongside you.

I believe that all institutions and organisations have inherent strengths that can be built on. You are the local experts. Sometimes, however, an outside opinion and an independent voice are useful.

Professional development of any sort is a process which takes time and must be participatory. It should involve active learning and may involve modelling by skilled personnel. Coherence and sustainability must be underlying principles.

I am open to working with you in a range of contexts, on a variety of issues and in the most appropriate, practical manner possible. The only partnerships I will not involve myself in are those where I feel my skills and attributes are not compatible with the work that needs to be done.

Let’s talk!

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